The website of Andrew Jordan

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Andrew Jordan lives in Southampton (UK). Poems published in Angel Exhaust, Freaklung, Oasis, PN Review, Shearsman, Stand, Tabla, the text, Tremblestone &c. Online, there are poems in Blart, Great Works, International Times and, more recently, in Fortnightly Review.

He was once a writer-in-residence at HMP Haslar, then a Home Office Holding Centre, now a Removal Centre. This experience is reflected upon in Bonehead's Utopia, a narrative poem sequence published by Smokestack in 2011. Shearsman published Ha Ha in 2007 and then Hegemonick in 2012. Further information about me and my books can be found here.

Nonism is not an ism. No claim can be made for nonism because it is what other things are not. In terms of geography, Nonism is not a place.

New poetry: Grandeur (published in Fortnightly Review, 29th June 2014)